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Back in 1968 many students and staff of the then City of Leeds College of Education (Becketts Park Campus*, Headingley) contributed considerable time, effort and money to help establish what we have today. Some of those stalwarts are still amongst our membership, indeed, our President was one of them!

Ennerdale Valley

Membership is open to those (aged 18+) who have visited the Centre enough to become familiar with its ways and standards. It offers greater involvement to those who are sympathetic with the aims of the Association and would like to help contribute to the Association and its work.

Interested visitors may ask the Warden about membership before leaving, and if granted, the Membership Secretary will then contact you with details about the periods and costs, followed by a membership card once you have chosen.

Alternatively, you may apply by a simple letter mentioning your involvement to date and willingness to support our aims. This can then be posted or emailed to the Warden or Membership Secretary, or given to any member of the committee for confirmation.

Each year the steering committee is drawn from the membership and welcome ideas and input from them. There are 5 or 6 meetings each year, usually at the Centre during members' periods.

Members and their children (up to age 18) will benefit from a reduced bednight rate and receive 3 or 4 newsletters a year to keep you informed of events at the Centre and around the valley. We have at least 8 periods during the year which are set aside for members (and guests) and are often at Bank holidays to make them longer. At least one of these will be a family week, and one will be a working week (usually August). At this period, anyone (not just members!) is welcome to come and share their skills be it cleaning, painting, repairs, wood collection, catering, or their experiences or jokes(?), etc., etc. However, in the interests of safety, you will appreciate that we have to discourage children during this period.

Perhaps you have other skills you would be willing to share with us? We are occasionally in need of such services as legal, charity, technical, conservation, building, tutorial, financial, management, PR, fund raising, etc.

For membership enquiries, please speak to the Warden or email the Membership Secretary. Annual membership is currently 15 per year. Ten year and Life memberships are also available at 7 and 14 times the annual rate (i.e. 10 years for the price of 7 Annual payments, or Life for 14). Our current membership is over 190.

* In 1976 this Campus became part of The Leeds Metropolitan University, now Leeds Beckett University, but the Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre Association is completely independent from them.


Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre, Ennerdale, Cleator
Cumbria, CA23 3AX

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  • Tel : 01946 861229
  • Email :
  • Grid Ref : NY139141
  • Latitude : 54.5148 (N)
    Longitude : -3.3313 (W)

Members' dates for 2017

cm = includes committee meeting

  • Feb 24-26 (25th = Dark Sky)
  • April 14-17 (Easter)
  • June 2-4 (cm)
  • Aug 21-26 (working week, cm)
  • Aug 27 - Sept 3 (memb/mates)
  • (Oct 21st = Dark Sky event)
  • Nov 3-5 (AGM, cm)

  • and some dates for 2018

  • Feb 23-25 (cm)
  • March 16-18 (17th = Dark Sky)
  • March 29 - April 2 (Easter)
  • May 25-28 (cm)
  • July 20-22
  • Aug 17-24 (working week, cm)
  • Aug 24-31 (memb/mates)
  • (Oct 1-5 Educational Hub)
  • (Oct 6 = Dark Sky event)
  • Nov 2-4 (AGM, cm)